Hands On
"Hands On" is my recommended first timer/newcomer class. It starts with basic gun safety and functions and goes into the different types of modern handguns,both revolvers and semi-auto's. You will learn how to safety check , unload, load and clear malfunctions in a handgun. We will discuss sight alignment, sight picture and trigger press, which are all essential in accurate handgun shooting. We will "dry fire" various guns to verify technique. To test your new skills you may* also shoot an Airsoft gun and take home the target :)   *time permitting
This class is very flexible and is geared to the students individual wants and needs. If you own a firearm you may bring it !
The class is appx. 4 hrs. 
 $140 single/ $180 2 people/ $200 3 people  (3 people max. due to limited room space)

                                      Basic Beginner Package Range Trip:

This package is available only to students that have taken my "Hands On" Class. In this class you will shoot a variety of handguns in various calibers,including .22 lr, 9mm, .38 spl, .357 magnum and .45 acp, 44 spl. and 44 mag if so desired. This package lets you shoot a minimum of 60 rounds of various calibers through 4-6 different guns. Included are the guns,eye & ear protection, ammo and targets (both paper and steel).


                                                             Range Trips*

If you own all of the gear (gun,ammo, eye & ear protection) and want a range trip, I will supply targets,transportation and 1 hr of private instruction.



                                                                 *The only people that I will take to the range are clients who have taken my Hands On class. NO EXCEPTIONS   I do this for my safety and yours. We are dealing with live guns and I need to have an idea of your skill level and gun handling skills :)

Nov 3, 2020,

We are closed for business until further notice.......