Glock's, SIG's, 1911's, XD's, double action,single action, safe action, striker fired etc, etc etc.! Confused about all of the choices and advice in selecting a handgun for sport, concealed carry or home defense? Not quite sure how to safely handle a handgun ? My "Hands On" class may be for you. I am a Certified Pistol and Shotgun Instructor and now offer a non-shooting class for individuals that will show you how to safely handle, load and unload a variety of revolvers and semi-auto pistols. "Dry Fire" practice ,and its importance is also discussed along with other basics .This is 1 on 1 training that will give you the confidence to pick up almost any handgun and be able to operate it with ease. "Hands On" will be geared to your needs questions and concerns.I specialize in new shooters, women and all family members. I am located in Santa Rosa. Call or email for more info.